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Polenta Crusted, Roasted Tomato and Gourmet Pesto Saucers

Koliwada Cauliflower Toastadas, Spicy Juliennes

Foxtail Millet Glory, Lettuce Cups, Pomegranate Picante

Beet and Jalapeno Rissole, Burnt Chilli Yogurt Drizzle, Mint Dust

Piri-Piri Chipotle Burrito Bites, Mint Sauce

Andhra Style Cottage Cheese, Tamarind Sambal Glaze, Gun Powder Coat

Delish Gourmet Starters (Vegetarian)

Oven BBQ and Kebabs - Vegetarian

Quick Gluten Free Snacks

Grilled Malai Broccoli with Peanut Chilli Coat

Low Cal Snacky Evening - Vegetarian

Dahi Kebabs with Beetroot Chutney

Spinach & Corn Tortilla Pockets

Smoked Rajmah Galouti with Peeli Roti, Lauki & Alsi ki Chutney

Crispy Corn, Chinese Style and Fusion Style (Vegetarian)

Designer Chaat Platter

Party Snacks Vegetarian

All Time Favourite Starters

Summer Special | No Fire Cooking

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